. . . 5 days old . . .


it is an awful story!  just awful!

for the past 24 hours, all i can think about is if katniss will make it out alive!

does peeta really love her or is all a part of the game?

and sweet rue – how will she survive?!

it is an awful story!

a story that has had my mind spinning –

in an effort to make sure my oldest child wasn’t reading trash, i decided it would be best to proof his new book of choice, the Hunger Games.

and now . . . i can’t put it down.

it is awful.

isaiah and i have been fighting over the book – sneaking into eachothers room when the other is sleeping to snatch it up . . .

i hear isaiah saying quietly under his breath, “it’s just a story.  it isn’t real.  it’s just a story.”

it doesn’t reassure me . . . but i think he is trying to make it work for him.


My husband has just given me the look that says pull yourself away – don’t forget to breathe.

So, here I am taking a breath –  abreath of fresh air, actually, as I am reminded of this sweet baby I had the privilege of photographing last week.




He was just five days old – five pounds – beautifully perfect.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but he was so amazing.

Tiny.  So tiny.

Here is a sneak peak at this boy.

Sweet baby Samuel.