My posts are LOOOOOOONG overdue on this blog! And not because I haven’t been out shooting~ Oh my goodness, I’ve been shooting so many, its been hard keeping up with them on this NEW web space. So what to do when you have so many fabulous sessions to share?

I guess ~ you just go for it!  Here are some of my favorite images of the summer!

Heather and Mike
Meet Mike and Heather.  This couple had a beautiful fall wedding!  The bridesmaid dresses went so well with the leaves that were just beginning to change into bright reds and yellows.Details. Details. DetailsHow special it was to see this bride in her mothers wedding dress and veil.Wedding Shoes

Wedding Clouds

Bubble kissesTogether

  1. You live and work in a beautiful state! My wife is from Troy, Montana and we got married at a small cabin we built in “The Yaak” if you know where that is (NW MT). It’s a pleasure browsing through your old posts. -Brandon

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