. . . a hint of love . . .


yesterdays wedding has me wondering . . .

yesterdays wedding has me thinking about love . . . and our participation in it.


do we get to choose whom we love, or do we “fall” in and out of it?


stefan and i have been married thirteen years.  we were married two weeks out of high school.  when i look back, i see what children we still were. we had “fallen” in love.

we were so young.



there may be this idea floating around – an idea that we were lucky . . .that there was something magical about what happened to us . . . something magical about falling in love . . .

i don’t know . . .

i think . . .

somewhere along the way, we made a choice . . .

and every day since, we have been making the same choice . . .

to “be” in love.

to act in love.

to speak with love.

to love.


yesterday, i met a couple – a couple whom had been “matched.”


they didn’t wait to fall in love.

he didn’t just look across the room and “fall in love” with the girl laughing on the other side.

she didn’t just feel his gentle touch on her cheek and fall “head over heals . . .”


all of their life, they knew. . . they knew that one day their spouse would be chosen for them.

this was not a decision forced upon them, but one that they embraced.


they chose.

they waited. they prayed. they trusted their families.  they trusted themselves.

they chose.

and every morning when they wake up, they will look at one another, and choose again.



as we talked with each other.  .  . as we took pictures, I couldn’t help but notice . . . a hint of love.

they made a choice  – they chose to love.


  1. Aunt Roberta

    August 2nd, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Moving and thought-provoking comments, Christina.

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