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. . . a match made in Heaven . . .


these past weeks, i have been reminded how fast life seems to go – from my past clients.

many of you may know, but i fell in love with photography through my love of people.

starting with my own children, moving into other families, until friends that love and trusted me pulled me into their wedding!

well, you don’t just become a photographer, or anything for that matter . . . without lots of work.

lots of sacrifice.

lots and lots and lots of practice.

well, back then, i wanted to practice on anything that would smile back at me (meaning mountains and elk were out . . . much to my husbands disappointment . . .)

but families, babies, couples, and graduating seniors were IN!

practice.  practice.  practice.

i first met tasha during this phase of my photography.

she became my first business card.





I first met Tasha through her best friend, my sister.  They were in the same high school graduating class, and in an effort to practice, my sister gathered several of her friends for a “senior photo-shoot!”  It was so much fun, and we got some great images, that became part of my very first marketing materials.


Our business, Patchwork Photography, has come a long way since then . . . and yet it seems like just yesterday . . . I still have so much to learn!  Every session is different – comes with its own set of challenges and unique people to work with!!!  Every session is different, and like falling in love, I seem to love each “session” a bit more than the last . . . falling in love with the art.


Sometimes I look at my husband that way . . .loving him more today than I did yesterday . . . when yesterday I didn’t know I could even love him that much!

I guess that’s the way love is!


I think that is the way Tasha and Josh thought, too . . .every time they looked at one another – it was as if they were seeing each other for the first time.

Every moment was like falling in love again.


You may remember from an earlier post about Josh and Tasha, that their marriage was one that, in the beginning, was chosen for them.  Every moment since that “match” has been a choice for them . . . to fall more and more in love.

That was what was so so special about this wedding.

Every time they looked at each other, touched each other, spoke with one another, it was so very evident that they were saying, “This match – this match made in heaven – is one I choose.”

Every moment was better than the last . . . because they were in the middle . . .

the middle of falling in love.


Blessings, Joshua and Tasha, on your marriage . . .