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.. . .all because the Broncos lost . . .


If you will remember, Jeremy and Kaya are married today, because once – a long time a go – the Broncos lost to the Raiders.  You can read their engagement story here.  So fun.



As a photographer, I get many opportunities to be with the bride and the groom before the actual wedding day.

When brides call or email asking about our wedding photography services, I always tell them, “Find a photographer that you feel comfortable with!”  This is one reason why I try so hard to be with the couple on more than one occasion!  I want the couple to be at ease with me . . .to be comfortable . . . to trust me. . . When this happens, they are able to relax – to trust that we are working together to make beautiful images in remembrance of their wedding day.

When I have time to be with a couple, in person or over the phone, I have time to get to know them – to know what makes them smile, what makes them laugh, what side of their face they DON’T want photographed!

By watching, I learn how this girl loves to be touched by this boy.

I learn where he puts his hand to make her feel safe.

I learn that their are moments when she looks at him, he brightens up – his shoulders square with pride at this woman by his side.

By watching, I learn . . . that there are moments . . . they don’t want to forget.

At this wedding . . . there were so many . . . so many unforgettable moments.

After you have seen some of them here, be sure to catch some more of them by watching the slideshow of their wedding day.

You can do so by clicking HERE.




Kayla started out her day completely GIDDY!  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a bride so excited.  She kept repeating it over and over, “I am so excited.  I am so excited.”

Shelly, from Jade Hair Studio, was amazing!  She not only did Kayla’s make-up, but I often heard her asking, “What are thinking right now?  How are you feeling?  What is going through your mind?”

It was so good to watch someone be so gracious with their words to help Kayla really live in HER day.  She was able sit and rest in her excitement.

This was a moment I knew she wouldn’t want to forget.



There were so many amazing moments in this day.

Moments I was so honored to be a part of.

When I first met Kayla, her mother came along.

I saw right away the bond between these two – a relationship of trust, of love, of tenderness towards one another.  They shared in Kayla’s excitement over this man who had come into their lives.

One of the first tender moments of the day, was watching Kayla’s  mom pass on her earrings, helping her in preparation for the day.

This was a moment I knew she wouldn’t want to forget.



Kayla was not the only one bursting with excitement!

Jeremy was no different.

With his friends, he laughed and spoke of the excitedment he too was having about the day.

Kayla and Jeremy are so unique in their wonderful friendship with one another.  When they are together, they are so happy.  That almost sounds trivial, but they are so comfortable with one aonther that their complete happiness – joy- just bubbles over.

This was a moment I knew he wouldn’t want to forget.




Jeremy and Kayla share several interests with one another.  They love candy, Disney movies, BBQ ribs and sweet and sour chicken!  They love football and traveling, being with their friends, and just being together.  The movie “UP” was quite important to them – as it shared common themes with their relationship.  “In life, everyone is looking for that one special person to spend their life with.”  Kayla said.  “I know that I have found mine.  As a couple, we can fare any situation, knowing that the other ill be there for love and support.  Jeremy is my other half – to make me whole.  He is my best friend.  We are a perfect fit, and what could be better that to grow old with my best friend?!”

This was a moment I knew she wouldn’t want to forget.



Like every bride, Kayla wanted everything about her day to reflect the two of them.

The flowers, by Anaconda Florist, were exactly what she wanted!  The colors, the texture . . . right down to the itty bitty “baby” roses in her bouquet!  Nothing could have accented her better!

And the CAKE!  Amazing, is all I can say.  The details in the flowers, were exceptional.  Creative Cakes did an incredible job making their cake exceptionally perfect!

Even the groom’s cake!

Jeremy, whom works with the fire department, and Kayla, whom works as a nurse, take great value and pride in their jobs.  Their wedding and reception was a great honor to their service.

This was a moment I knew she wouldn’t want to forget.




Their were so many fabulous moments at their reception.  What a celebration!  So many moments, that  if you want to see more of, please view the slideshow of their day.

These two had so many friends and family their in support of their marriage.  It was so amazing to see.

They were showered in affirmation and congrautlations from their guests.

Jeremy’s friends, in particular, had so many great stories and word of encouragement for them.

This was a moment I knew they wouldn’t want to forget.



This next series of pictures I am so in love with.

This is one reason why I love having two shooters – two sets of eyes.

Jeremy and Kayla were sitting for a moment, and this moment was so fun.  Pay special attention to her toes.  I was taking a picture of the two of them kissing, while Stefan was focusing on her toes.  Right when Jeremy kisses her, her toes curl . . .eeeeee!  It was so adorable!  The natural reaction of complete love and excitement . . . toe curling!

This was a moment I knew she wouldn’t want to forget.




What an amazing day!  What an amazing couple!

To view more of their pictures, click here to a see a slideshow of their day!



Congratulations Kayla and Jeremy Kallas!  Congratulations!


  1. Colleen Safratowich says:

    Wow! Luv these pictures!! What a memorary for you both to cherish forever. Congratulations Jeremy and Kayla, we love you both! Great job Christina. Thanks a million! Colleen

  2. Lorr Safratowich says:

    Colleen and I love the pictures! So many wonderful pictures. What a memorary for both of you to cherish for a lifetime! Congratulations! Love Lorr

  3. Al Faulkner says:

    Wonderful pictures Wonderful couple,We love you vrry much

  4. Geri Faulkner says:

    Kalya and Jeremy we wish you all the happiness in the world we Love you

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!!! Breathtaking pictures, Christina. You captured so many of the moments a young couple will never want to forget of their wedding. Thanks for all you did…you went above and beyond what we ever expected. Congratulations to the Kallas’s. We love you!!!

  6. Kayla Kallas : ) says:

    Such beautiful photos!!! Christina you captured our love in these beautiful images!! They are allll so perfect!!! You and ur husband are truly talented and we r so thankful for everything!!! Thank you : )
    Kayla Kallas

  7. Keeley Floreen says:

    Beautiful pictures sister and Jerm! Makes me smile everytime I look at them 🙂 Christina, you did a wonderful, wonderful job, and you truly captured both of them on their special day!

  8. Taylor says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! These pictures are so creative and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They truly capture how in love Kayla and Jeremy are. I in all honesy couldn’t have asked for a better person to take my sister’s hand. Love you brother and sister! <3

  9. Joseph Floreen says:

    Wonderful pictures!!! Congratulations Kayla and Jeremy.

  10. Jeremy Kallas says:

    Christina Thank you so much for being apart our special day! The pictures are wonderful! They show our love for one another! Thanks for everything!

  11. Beverly Redmond says:

    Beautiful pictures. Kayla and Jeremy you make a wonderful couple. Congratulations and best wishes.

  12. Patrick Redmond says:

    Wishing you lots of happiness. Great pictures of you two.

  13. Kate Vaala says:

    These turned out absolutely beautiful! I didn’t know it would be possible to capture the day so perfect. Christina, you and your husband are amazing and I loved being able to work with you!

  14. Jeremy Kallas says:

    Christina Thank you so much for being apart of our special day! The pictures are wonderful! They show our love for one another! Thanks for everything!

  15. Grandma Pat says:

    Wonderful pictures! Love you very much Jeremy and Kayla Kallas! So proud of you two!

  16. Kimi says:

    CONGRATS JERMAFLO 🙂 The pictures are beautiful!!! Love you both, Mr and Mrs. Kallas <3

  17. Micaul says:

    FLO!! The pictures turned out sooo beautiful! You are the most beautiful bride i’ve ever seen!!!!! What a great day,I will never ever forget it!

  18. Michelle says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Kayla and Jeremy looked so much in love on their wedding day.

  19. brianne mcnabb says:

    Your pictures are amazing!! Congratulations Flo and jeremy I love u guys!!

  20. Ellie Safratowich says:

    These pictures are so beautiful! It is such a treat for a grandmother to see such beautiful work for her grandson. Great job! Thank you.

  21. Stephanie S says:

    Toe curlingggg! So muchh love! Amazinggg moments caught on camera! Awesome work Patchwork!

  22. Rhonda Bauer says:

    Definitely toe-curling pictures. LOVE these pictures. Congratulations Kayla and Jeremy! Wishing you all the best.

  23. Bailey Bauer says:

    WOW Fantastic pictures. Love you Kayla and Jeremy!

  24. Karen Faulkner says:

    These pictures are so beautiful! They capture so many memories! Great job!

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