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and the WINNER is. . . .

Congratulations to Andy and Rachel D’Amico for winning the “people’s choice”  Best of Weddings 2010 image! 

This contest was so fun for me on the back end!  Thank you so much to everyone whom voted, said such nice things about our work, and gave your friends a chance to win a beautiful print from their wedding day.

I gotta tell you, this run for Best Weddings was SOOOOO SOOOOO close – even up until midnight last night!!  Almost 400 votes were placed over the past 2 weeks, but Andy and Rachel’s image got the most votes, and quite honestly I think it was due to the “chest-bumping bridesmaids!”  Had quite a few emails that referred to those girls. . . and to the “sexy groom,” of course!  Way to give it your all, Leena!  So, Andy and Rachel, shoot me an e-mail please with your favorite image (by the end of the week), and I will have it printed and sent to you!  YEAH!

 Best Weddings06


Now on to Best of Moments Contest!

The winner of this award goes to Ryan and Bri Spurlock with bookshelf baby (I feel like the announcer from America’s Funniest Home Videos)!  There were aprox. 200 voters, and the “bookshelf baby” was the absolute top favorite!  So, congratulations to the Spurlock Family!  Thanks again everyone for your votes!!!


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