. . . sweet baby love . . .


I remember those moments so well.

Those moments of being tucked in the nursery corner rocking . . . and rocking. . . and rocking.

Even now, when I have a baby put into my arms, the gentle sway of rocking my sweet babies to sleep comes back to me.



Most of those moments, I know I was so tired.

I know most of those moments, I was begging my babies to just let me sleep.

I know that most of those early moments, as much I as cherished them, were hard.

Very HARD.



They are also gone . . .

so very quickly.



I am so blessed by this sweet family and their incredible love story.

They have had HARD moments . . .

and probably more to come – as all first parents do during those first sleepless months.

Even in the hard moments, though, I could see that there was hope.





and dreams.

These new babies are a part of an amazing love story.

One that was started even before their parents met, and one that will continue to be told to their children.

and their children’s children.




I pray that everyone know’s a love so deep . . .

that even in the hard moments,

there is hope.


  1. Dayna Leavens says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Alesha and Rich and the girls Christina, we are so blessed with the love that surrounds them thank you for again photojournaling beautiful moments in our lives, xxoo Dayna

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