Creative and Unique Shopping in Scottsdale and Phoenix

Welcome to Our Small Business Community Initiative!

Community is important to Patchwork Photography, and we want to do our part to increase awareness and encourage our audience to shop locally. We have many talented and dedicated business owners that offer alternative shopping in Scottsdale and Phoenix. To help accomplish our goal we will be spotlighting them here on our blog.

At Patchwork Photography we desire to build a more connected, intentional community of neighbors and local businesses. We all agree that it’s not hard to find shopping in Scottsdale and Phoenix. However, it is our goal to highlight unique and talented entrepreneurs with their products and services available right in our own backyard!

We value the fact that the foundation of many small businesses is family. After all, it is our families that keep us motivated and inspire us to work hard. Collectively, our families make up our local community. Therefore, imagine how strong that community would be if we all put forth a greater effort to support one another and work together.

Creating Awareness of Local Shopping in Scottsdale and Phoenix

The first step to building a more connected community is to create awareness of the local resources available. We have an abundance of amazing businesses right here in the valley, and we want to encourage the support of those businesses. As such, Patchwork Photography is endeavoring to build awareness by spotlighting and recommending local small businesses on our blog and social media.

shopping in Scottsdale, Royal Coffee Bar

Join Us in This Effort!

If you own a small business and would like to join us in developing a more connected, intentional community of neighbors and local businesses, we have a special offer just for you! You are most likely aware of how important it is to create a brand for your business that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the crowd. Professional portraits are the perfect addition to your brand and speak to the unique nature of your business through advertising. Portraiture is our specialty at Patchwork Photography, and we would like to offer a free Branding Session for your business! This session lasts 15 minutes and includes a group shot of your family and a headshot for you to use in promoting your business. 

After the session, your photographs will be used in a blog post featuring your business on our website. Share your passion for your business.  Tell us what it means to you and the contribution you desire to make to your community. The process is easy! You simply fill out a questionnaire and participate in a Zoom interview. Our goal is to help advertise your business to a whole new audience, and show valley residents that local businesses support one another.

Community Members Support Local

In conclusion, we hope that everyone will consider joining in this effort even if you aren’t a small business owner! Our community is fortunate to have an abundance of locally produced goods and services to choose from. As always, remember to buy local and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. We can all do our part to spread the word! 

Whatever role you play, we sincerely hope that you will join us in this community initiative. Let’s support one another with our unique services, creativity, and resources. Doing so will develop and strengthen a community that in turn encourages and supports individuals, families, and organizations in need. 

What are we waiting for?… Let’s work together!

When you are thinking about shopping in Scottsdale and Phoenix, here are a few of the amazing vendors that we are excited to share with you all:

The Simple Farm: Organic Flower & Herb Farm, Botanical Skincare & Wellness Apothecary, Moonlight Dinners, Sea Salt Caramels

Studio BB Designs: Scottsdale custom jewelry designers

Studio BB Designs

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