blessed . . .

this simple red bowl signifies blessing, signifies friendship, signifies encouragment, and dreams ~ yes, all of these things are contained in this simple red bowl
Photographyin the back of our church sits a woman.
in the back of our church sits a woman whom is blessed. 
whenever someone asks her, “how are you today?” she responds, “blessed.  i am blessed.” 
 i always kind of thought it was a cop-out – an all  too “super-spiritual, too hyper-religious attitude towards life.  i thought to myself, “surely this woman has got to have a bad day.  surely she is sometimes just fine.  i mean really, who is blessed ALL the time?”
this week, though, i realized that i am.
i am blessed.
i am blessed .  i am blessed.  i am blessed.
i am blessed with health.  i am blessed with family.  i am blessed with community.  i am blessed with children.  i am blessed a job that i LOVE.  i am blessed. 
no matter my thoughts about my reality ~ no matter if my day is good or bad ~ no matter if things aren’t going as they should ~ i am blessed.  that fact doesn’t change.   
it doesn’t change based on my circumstances or how i feel.  she knows that.
it doesn’t change if i can walk or if i can’t.  she understands that.
it doesn’t change based on me.  she helped me. 
blessed means set apart.  it means looked upon with favor.  and this red bowl serves as a reminder to me that i am indeed blessed with good friends. 
you are blessed.


  1. Christina!
    Wow. Can you imagine if everyone grasped this? I enjoy your blogs and your life adventure. Jesus shines through your work and family and community-sharing. He allows us to capture the understanding of blessing. You get it. Thanks for sharing it.
    Be blessed and be a blessing.
    May we pray together for Haiti and do what little part we can.

  2. Jen Best says:

    Love this-how we need reminding almost daily!! Thank you!

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