boys and their trucks (High School Senior Pictures)


This past halloween, my oldest son wanted to have a party at our home, and because I want to be the coolest mom with the most “happenin’ ” house in town, I said, “Sure!   That sounds great!”  So, instead of having something so set in stone, we decided to have an open house, where kids could come and go.  We printed up bright orange flyers, and he passed them around his school . .  . does anyone seeing where his is going??  Anyway, I spent all afternoon cleaning the house,  making cute treats that resembeled some body part or spooky object, and hanging nice white lights and stuff that looks like cobwebs to give my house that creepy yet homey feeling when you walk in.  Sometimes, obviously, I forget that my son is no longer in the third grade.  In fact, when the first boy entered, I got very nervous about the cute little treats I had to offer him.  I am pretty sure he was taller than I, and he had put on the “I am so cool” look before he entered my house.  Immediately, I was reminded that my son was now a middle school young man, and I became very very nervous about the evening in front of me.  In fact, I got so worked up that I got on the phone and called my husband.  It went something like this: 

“Stefan, they’re here!”
“Who’s there?”
“The boys.  The boys for the party!
“Thats great!”
“No!  It’s not.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  You have to come home right now.”
“But I’m trick or treating with the kids.   Remember, you didn’t want to do that because it was so cold outside.”
“I know.  But they are here, and I don’t know what to do with them.  Please come home . . . RIGHT NOW!”


There is just something about a boy that makes me feel just a tad bit uneasy, makes me talk too much, and well ~ I guess its the fact that I just don’t quite know what they are thinking.  They like things that I don’t.  They act differently than I would.  I just don’t quite understand them.

So, when I had the opportunity to take some high school senior pictures of a young man whom is quite a bit bigger than I, plays football, has a big truck, and likes to do things like attach skis to the bottom of a couch for a joy ride, I wasn’t quite sure of myself. 

BUT . . . . . . .last Halloween, we had a party.  I was nervous.  It was a blast.

Here, I spent several hours with a young man.  I was nervous.  We had a blast (well, at least I did.)  He was so enjoyable to work with, and I taught him how to give small smiles.  He made me laugh, and  I of course, talked too much.  During our time together, I was able to help him feel comfortable in front of my camera, and we were able to get some incredible pictures so that he will be able to remember this last year of high school.  Thanks so much, Hucke family, for letting me be a part.

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High School Senior Photography