Broncos and the Raiders . . .

Several months ago, I sat acroos the table from a young woman whose eyes SPARKLED!  Beautiful blue, they danced with the light when she talked.

I guess maybe it was the subject matter.

Her beautiful blue eyes danced as she talked about Jeremy – her very best friend, her love, her finace. 

She giggled and smiled.  She talked and shared. 

I sat across from her, and as I listened to her, I felt as if I was watching a movie. 

 A great romance between two people who had known eachother since they were small –

I listened and watched their story unfold before me.  A story of a boy who loved to tease, of a first date, of ripped jeans, of courage, of laughter. 

I got to hear about when Jeremy asked Kayla’s dad for his daughters hand in marriage.

A beautiful love story.

I left our short meeting wanting August 2011 to be here tomorrow.

Meet Kayla and Jeremy.

Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography There was a time in my life, when I used to just take pictures.

In fact, in my first photography class, my instructor once introduced me to one of her colleagues as “the mama who just takes pictures of her kids.”

and she was right.

I did just like to take pictures – I wanted to remember those moments.

Now, though, it is different.

Montana Wedding Photography Now, with each frame – with each picture, there is a purpose.  Each picture is tied to the next to tell a story – to tell about the couple, the family, the new baby . . .

Now, when I am behind the camera, it is not soley about remembering a moment, but about creating one.

The brick wall, the new shoes, the tree, the creative angle, the clothes – they are all used to create a moment that expresses who you are. 

And in that moment, it gives me, the photographer, a chance to capture unique candid moments that tell your love story. 

Montana Wedding Photography It also allows us to have fun and show your real personalities.   


This is why I love engagement sessions.

Nothing is more fun or more inspiring that spending a few hours with a great couple, walking through the woods, through a park, through the streets of a ghost town or the city searching for “that place” that shows off the uniqueness of each couple.  When I am shooting, I am ALWAYS on the lookout – for SPICE!

Sometimes, though, I see the picture in my head – and don’t always think about what it will take to get it!


I asked Jeremy to go out first – to test the log and make sure it was safe for his sweet bride to be . . . Montana Wedding Photography

I seriously was laughing so hard, I couldn’t continue!  Poor Jeremy ~ I think Kayla was laughing at him the rest of the day!  (No, no . . . not AT him; WITH him!)

The rest of the session went smoothly, and I think that each one of these images – together – make up Kayla and Jeremy! 

SUPER SWEET, fun, romantics, beautiful, kind, loving . . . they cherish one another.

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Montana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography I think this is my favorite series –

All morning, Kayla gave Jeremy this look – this look of adoration, the look that told him, and everyone, how proud she was of him and how proud she was to be his.

And this kiss – the one on her forehead – was a kiss that told her  . . . and anyone who saw it, that he was going to take care of her for the rest of his life!

And then THAT kiss – THAT kiss was going to show the world that they were in this life together . . . forever! 

Montana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography

Who would have thought that a football game is what decided the fate of these two . . .

a football game!

Montana Wedding Photography Sometimes the first date is the easy one – but the second date . . . now that says a little something about wanting to build a relationship – make a commitment.

This was something that Jeremy was not going to take lightly.

This was serious.

As serious as football.

So, the only logical way to decide if a second date was in order was to place a bet on the Raiders and Brocos game. 

If the Raiders beat the Broncos, than Kayla would HAVE to go on another date with him.  BUT, if the Broncos won, then KAYLA could decide if a second date was in order . . .

Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography thankfully, the Raiders won . . .

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