Good morning my friends!  This weekend I had the most wonderful time with these two love birds out at the Boyce Thompon Arboretum.  If you have not been there, you need to find some time to go (before it gets too hot.) It is so incredibly beautiful!!!  Needless to say I had a blast adventuring […]

Anthony and Jamie

January 31, 2018

Slowly – but surely – Apple has stolen my heart. I am in love with my new iPhone. Silly . . . but it’s true – seems to have made my life so much easier – so much more in sync . . . I love having my pictures available no matter what device I […]

. . . someone new . . .

June 6, 2012

I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately. ~ I am so anxious for Spring to come. ~ Over the past couple of weeks, everything around me is looking dirty – dusty and useless.  Even our socks are getting out of control!  I HATE sorting socks!  HATE!   So, I have been going through […]

. . . spring . . . is it almost here?

March 10, 2012

‘Tis the Season!!! ~ Over the next couple of days, we are super excited to be able to share some information on some new products, great ideas for Christmas presents, and also some fabulous specials. We know that over the next couple of weeks, the companies that help provide us with such great products will […]

just the beginning. . . of our HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS!!!!

November 23, 2011

November is here with her biting wind, promise of snow, and the shift in sunlight which whispers to our souls, “slow down…cuddle up inside and be thankful.” Yesterday my husband was out hunting . . . I had to be at church early . . . and we had guests at the house.  Needless to […]

. . . season of giving thanks . . . and families . . .

November 21, 2011

once upon a time, i was a mom who really wanted her sleep!  in fact, i wanted my sleep so badly, that i adhered to a very strict schedule with my babies . . . encouraging them to sleep through the night at a very young age . . . and in their own beds. […]

. . . in the blink of an eye . . .

October 5, 2011

    some days are harder to get and stay motivated . . . today is one of those days. i wish, just for a short time . . . i wish i was home in my amazing bed . . . sleeping like a baby. ~     ~ Meet the newest addition to […]

. . .wish i could sleep “like a baby” . . .

August 24, 2011

    young and in love, stefan and i started the grand adventure of marriage by moving to a small college town –  four hours from our family . . .and support. straight out of high school, with a six-month old, and our “love,” we arrived at our new life . . . a bit […]

. . .in sickness and in health . . .

August 22, 2011