Chris and Jamie {Colorado Wedding}

Colorado Wedding PhotographyHere is where it all begins~the wedding dress. . .

Two weeks ago, at this moment, I had the complete joy of watching another bride step into her wedding gown.   
 And so, tonight, in honor of two weeks gone by – two weeks of marriage – we are going to remember those moments.  We are going to remember those moments, getting ready, standing out in the ice cold to catch the last little light, and anticipating the union that was about to take place. 
Tonight, through these pictures, we are going to remember this bride walking down the aisle to her awaiting husband, the blessing sung, the candles and sparklers. 
Tonight we are going to fill the evening remembering the dancing, the laughter, the good food, and of course the incredible love that was being shared that one night two weeks ago. 
Happy Anniversary, Chris and Jamie! 
And to everyone who was there, stay with us tonight as we remember . . . and if you missed this beautiful wedding, keep checking in with us tonight, and I have a feeling you will feel like you didn’t miss a moment . . .Colorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding PhotographCan you believe it?  We’re getting MARRIED!

Colorado WeddingColorado Wedding Colorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado Wedding

It was such a beautiful ceremony in so many ways.  There were so many personal words and touches added to make their night so very special for them.  The candles and flowers were beautiful, and the pastor had some amazing things to say to them.  He even made them practice saying, “You’re beautiful.  I’m sorry.  and I love you.”  It was so very touching to watch and then to reflect on my own marriage – on our own relationships.  So many times, life seems more complicated than those short phrases, but it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, as you look over these pictures right now, I am going to go check in with Stefan.  He has had such a long hard day, and I think he might like to hear those words, too.  Enjoy, and when you are done, you could find someone to say those words to too.  “You’re beautiful.  I’m sorry.  I love you.”


Colorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado WeddingColorado Wedding

  1. Maygen says:

    Oh my goodness Christina… these photos are stunning!!!

  2. Toki says:

    What a fabulous collection of images! They are all spectacular. Awesome job!!

  3. I’m having a little bit of trouble viewing your site in Opera, but it may just be my computer. Apart from that, I love your site. I plan on surfing around and checking out some more posts!
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  4. Eric says:

    Love the getting ready pictures, they are gorgeous.

  5. Rich Pizzuti says:

    Fantastic story-telling in these wedding images. Too many favorites to get into this comment but the overall of the ceremony is sweet. Great stuff!

  6. Robert & Margaret Hyatt says:

    It was a beautiful evening. Thank you for letting us share it with you and your families. Chris, you never looked more handsome. Jamie, you were radiant! Great pics.

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