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. . .circle of life . . .

Once upon a time . . .




Sometimes we think that the love story ends when the groom walks away with his new bride.

When the dance party is over, the cake is gone, the champagne is gone . . . when we all stand with sparklers and watch that feet couple ride away in their limo . . . or walk into the sunset, we think that is the end.

Really, though, it is really only the prelude to the story of their family.


I get to hear love stories every day – stories of first dates and first kisses.  Engagement stories.  Wedding dress shopping stories.

I get to hear stories every day about love and weddings.  Stories about promises.

The wedding is really the beginning of promises – of commitments.

The stories of commitment don’t end with one another . . . they only begin there.

The family begins with just two people in love . . . and from there. . . it grows.



Isn’t it so beautiful?  The prospect that this amazing love shared between two amazing people will grow . . . and grow . . .with the birth of a new baby?




Isn’t it beautiful?  That the laughter and excitement shared between two amazing people will grow . . . and be shared with a sweet new member of this twosome?


It is really so so exciting to me to watch these amazing stories of love and commitment unfold right before my eyes!

Won’t these two make such amazing parents?

Congratulations, Jason and Amy.