coffee break

coffeeIs it time for a coffee break?  muffin mixToday was a day that we needed a coffee break.  We needed to not worry about the dishes piling up.  We needed to not think about the laundry that needed folded.  We needed to stop for a cup of coffee.  We needed to stop and sit with wonderful smells of coffee and orange cranberry muffins filling the air.  We needed to stop thinking about messes and enjoy being together in the middle of the mess.  Sometimes that is all I need to keep from feeling that the world is falling in around me.  So, maybe it is time for a coffee break for you, too.Making MuffinsBakingOooohhhh, these muffins were so so good.  They were so good that I have to share the recipe with you, so that you too can enjoy this goodness. 


Recipe for wonderful Orange Cranberry Muffins:

1 box muffin mix

1 cup water

Mix together.  Bake.  Eat.MuffinsGood SmellsDon't forget the butter!Don’t forget the butter!  Wonderful!  Enjoy your coffee break!