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everyone’s eyes tell a story. . .

it seems as if this is all i have been doing lately. . . paint colors.  as many of you know, we just purchased a new building and are doing a “tad” bit of remodel to turn it into a beautiful studio space!!!
Paint colors
well, for those of you whom know me, i tend to see things with stars in my eyes.  i tend to see the finished product WAY WAY WAY before the work has even really begun.



i blame my dad.
when i was young, i wanted to grow up –
the fifth grade side of the playground was where are the cool kids were;
if i had a horse, i would be free;
the kids driving their own cars knew the best places in town;
those girls with boyfriends seemed to be the happiest,
and the list went on and on and on . . . i just wanted to grow up!
eventually i made it the fifth grade, and my dad took me shopping for some very cool white jeans (you know you all wore them!)
eventually i was able to ride a horse . . . my very own horse . . . thanks to my dad
when my dad took me to the car lot, i don’t think i left happier, because the bright red suzuki swift with the phone in it was mine
when we bought our first house, he was there.
when we moved in to our first studio, he was there.
when walls had to come down and shelves needed to be built, he was there.
my dad has a way of showing up EVERY TIME  i need him.  and not only does he show up, but he carries a large part of my burden for me while he is here.
he does the work –
and this is what i am talking about – i only see the stars, because he has always been the one that does the “dirty” work . . .
. . . he makes my dreams become my reality. . .
well, we are in it now!  my dad has come and gone – doing all the hard work, and now choosing paint colors is all i am doing.  paint and lights, furniture and decorations . . . stain and cabinets . . . and i am ready for it to be done.  🙂

Needless to say, I was glad for a short break to shoot some pictures for high school graduating senior, Jordyn.

Montana Senior Pictures -What a beautiful young woman she is !  We had a great time finding some beautiful spaces, and throughout the morning, I found that I got caught up in her . . . and probably took way too many pictures!   Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures She has eyes that make you want to stand there and look at them forever – and not just because they are beautiful, but because they seem to be telling a story.  Often times when I am shooting a senior session, we play around with expressions, with movements, with direction, and sometimes I find myself asking those girls for their “serious face.”  Well, I think Jordyn nailed it every time!  Every time, she allowed every part of her face to be silent and to only let her eyes do the talking!  You could get lost in the story, for sure . . .Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures - J 009 (Side 9)Montana Senior PicturesMontana Senior PicturesMontana Senior Pictures On this particular day, I also had the honor of being accompanied by another very talented photographer.  Kari came along to practice her camera skills, and to see how much fun photographing seniors can be!!!  And just like when I shoot with my husband, I so enjoy having a second perspective at the end of the day.  The image below came from her eye, and I am oh-so grateful!  I am so excited travel on more photography adventures with her!!Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior PicturesMontana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior Pictures - another image, courtesy of Kari.Montana Senior Pictures -Montana Senior Pictures Montana Senior PicturesMontana Senior Pictures

Congratulations, Jordyn.  Blessings on your future endeavors!  Thank you so much for allowing me into your story for a morning!  You are so beautiful, and I feel so belssed to have spent the morning with you.