Family Mini Sessions

This is my worst fear –

 – when it comes to photography, that is.  Montana Family Photography

To have a child, or an adult for that matter, who hates having their pictures taken so much – that they just throw their head back, roll their eyes a bit, and vocalize out loud that they will not look at the camera. 

(To give this sweet boy credit, he was just pulled up out of a nap – and to be honest, I might have wanted my bed and sleep more than getting my pictures taken . . . and, when this boy warmed up – oh how cute his smile was!!! )

I want every family – every child – to really enjoy their experience. 

Really, what I want, is for them to  forget they are having their pictures taken.  I want families to have images unique to their family, their personalities, and their homes.  When people look at their pictures, I don’t want them to just see faces smiling back at them, but I want them to see a time in their life – a memory.  I want them to see the way their kids laughed, ran, or even pouted.  I want them to see memories. 

I say all this to say that when I did my first set of mini sessions two weeks ago, I was afraid.  I was afraid I was compromising the thing that I valued in my photography.  To have all these families, come to the same place and for such a short amount of time – I thought I would lose the uniqueness of each family.   I thought all the pictures would look the same. 

I was wrong.

I think that even though the same trees, the same bridge, the same bench, or the same frame  are being used in many of the families pictures, I think that we had so much fun together, that all of the pictures have their own personality – their own “flare.” 

Thank you, families, for being a part.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the images we captured two weeks ago.  Enjoy.

Montana Family Photography Montana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family Photography Montana Family Photography Montana Family PhotographyMontana Family Photography Montana Family Photography