Father-Daughter Dance

It’s a tradition at most weddings – a tradtion that always makes Stefan and I stop and think about how fast our own kids are growing up, and about how one day we will be the ones dancing a “good-bye” dance with them.  Often times, we become sad at the thought of it, but at this last wedding, I watched the father closely as he danced with his daughter, and I watched the mother stand back as well, and it was not  look of sadness on either of their faces –  but one of pride and great joy.  It changed my perpective a little – hoping one day, that I too, would have the great honor of walking along side of my children as they enter a new and wonderful stage in life.   I will always remember these moments, though, when their daddy was the one to teach our girls . . . to dance.

 Father-daughter Dance

 dance with your kids today . . .