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. . . haven’t quite learned to juggle . . .

hard to admit, but it must be said ~ i have not mastered the art of juggling

i think with the birth of each child, i have lost more and more of my brains cells (actually, i think they are being replaced by fat cells)

with the birth of baby #6, i feel completely disorientated.

i felt this way with baby #3, as well. 

I thought that it was hard because i didn’t have enough hands to grab all of them anymore.  i couldn’t hold them all on my lap, and i had to learn to multi-task on a whole new level.  as time wore on, though, i felt like i was becoming more confident in myself – in my mothering skills – i thought, “once you have learned to multi-task at this level, once you have had three, you can do anything, you could have 12!”  (see, i’m telling you, the brain cells had been sucked right to my hips!)

well, if some of you can re-call the “spice-loss” incident, you will understand that mothering and working at home don’t go to well for me.  i have not mastered the art of juggling both my work and bringing up balanced, healthy, and educated children.  when i am working, various cartoons are teaching them the facts of life and its okay to eat whatever you can find. 

i really do try not to have too many of these days 

in fact, that was this goal of this very long work day

i just wanted to finish these last couple of projects, so that i could begin my maternity leave and ultimately be present as a mother

adah (who was once the baby) has learned that on work days, mom is pretty lenient when it comes to rules.  so, on this particular work day, she was tired of her un-brushed hair dangling in her face and decided to take matters into her own hands.  she, i’m sure, was just trying to help . . . just trying not to bother mom . . .just trying to be pretty.

she even came to me and said, “pretty?” 

“yes, yes,” i said, barely glancing at her, “you are so pretty.”  she left happy, and i thought, for that moment, i had learned how to keep all the balls in the air . . .

i was wrong. Montana Family Photography

i was right, in that she is pretty, but i do think that I think she is tad bit prettier when a professional (or even her mother) cuts her hair.Montana Family Photography


I did get my project done, though.

Meet Katie.  She is a high-school senior.  Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.  I had so much fun with her. 

 Usually I have the opportunity to meet with and learn a little about my seniors before we shoot, but because of the new baby’s early arrival, we weren’t able to do that.  So, I think this sweet girl, wasn’t quite sure what she had gotten herself into!  I had her climbing fences, laying in the leaves, and climbing up into trees.  We drove down alley’s, met strange men, and laughed a lot. 

 Here are some of her senior pictures, and if you want to see all of them click here for her senior slideshowMontana Senior Photography Montana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Montana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Montana Senior Photography Don’t forget! 

If you want to see all of her super-fun pictures, just CLICK HERE!  🙂 

i am off to cuddle my kiddos!

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