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hint of summer . . .

must be summer.


time to kick off the shoes.  run barefoot in the lawn.  wrestle in the sand.  play in the water.


must be summer.


get out the barbecue.  pour the lemonade.  time for a bike ride.


A couple of weeks ago, there was one nice day – when the rain wasn’t pouring and the wind wasn’t blowing, and so Kyle and Katie grabbed their kiddos, and we headed to the park!  It was a perfect evening to get some family pictures.  The sun was shining, the river was high, and these boys were ready to run and explore.  These two boys are used to being outdoors.  They are used to having a fishing pole in their hands or having their dog Molly beg them to run and play with her, and so to be able to do pictures outdoors was important to this family.  This is one thing that is also important to me.  I think it is important to have a family picture where you can see everyone’s beautiful face and sparkling eyes, but I also think it is even more important to allow families, and especially kids, to be who they; to be doing what they love!  And these boys . . . well, they loved MOVING!!!  Tackett family, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of your family pictures.





















who would want to forget what his sweet baby toes looked like covered in sand . . .  . .