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i love to laugh

I have been thinking lately that I miss laughing.  There are times when I seem to let life get the best of me – when I let work, people, my own expectations, etc., stress me out.  I stop laughing. 

This is probably why I love shooting weddings sooo much!

Every Saturday, I get to forget.  I get to forget about reality for a moment and fall into another happy love story. 

Well, today, is no exception.

Last night, as I watched the wedding party practice the walk down the aisle, and watch the groom high-five every  person he came in contact with, I found my self laughing.  I watched this couple laugh and play and have fun joking around with each other, and I thought to myself, “it has been awhile . . . ” 

Seeing them together, brought me back to the moment I first met these two.

Montana Wedding Photography

This couple lives in Washington, so working out the perfect time to shoot engagement pictures was a bit difficult. schedules, work, the weather – they were all factors in our get together.  When we finally met, it was raining . . . and cold . . . and raining. 

These two were fabulous, though!  It didn’t phase them at all.  The rain didn’t stand a chance at ruining their time together.

Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding PhotographyI am so excited for today.

I am so excited to be a part . . . of wedding day!Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Montana Wedding Photography Congratulations Andy and Rachel!  Happy Wedding Day!