In Awe . . . .


Have you ever seen an image, heard a sound, or met someone that spoke to your soul?  An image so breathtaking that it would be branded in your mind forever?  A sound so distinct that you would here it ringing in your ears everytime you closed your eyes?  or a person whose very presence sent you spinning?  It isn’t the kiss, but that moment right before. . . and right after – that moment when a bride and groom look at eachother with such a sweet love before their lips meet; that moment when a smile of sweet satisfaction and bliss when their lips part – it is those moments that speak to a place deep inside of me.      When I can hear my kids giggling in the other room or the first cry of a newborn baby – those are the sounds I want to hear forever.  And Stefan, my wonderful husband, he sends me spinning from across room!

In the past weeks, I feel like I have seen and been witness to so many incredible moments, that I find myself needing to take it all in.  I find myself scratching my head in awe and not knowing quite where to start to share it all with you.  So, I am starting here – with this beautiful image of my sweet Leah.  More often than not, I want to talk, talk, talk.  This time though, my heart is expressed in this one image.     

Colorado Wedding Photography


I have so much to share from these past weeks  – the incredible wedding of Chris and Jamie Winkler, the beautiful smiles of soon-to-be wed Maygen and Butch, some oh-so-fun pictures of my 9 year old getting her EARS PIERCED, and so much more!