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There was a time in my life – (like back when I had two kids) – when I took great pride in my scrapbooks.  I have always been one to take pictures, but I do remember when I used to put them in great books and journal about what was happening in each image.  I think the last page I finished was my second daughters first birthday.  Since then, I have had three  more children, and a lot more birthdays!  When I look back at those books, though, the memories of those days are so vivid to me.  I can see the colors, smells the smells, and feel like I am in that moment again.  Photography – for me – really is a way for me to stop time – to capture a moment in my life that I  may never have again.  And even though the days (well, really the laundry, the dishes, the schedules, the homework, the snacks, etc.) have gotten the best of me, and I haven’t made a scrapbook page in a really long time, I continue to take pictures ~ to remember to capture our story. 
I want you to meet another family who did just that.  Meet Andrew and Sara.  This year they became what many refer to as “empty-nesters.”  They now have both of their children away at school, whom they only have the pleasure of seeing on holidays and special events.  Well, this holiday, they wanted to stop time.  I have a feeling that in the future, when they look at these images, they will not just see beautiful faces smiling back at them, but they will see a moment in time –  a moment when their children came home for Christmas.  They will remember the worry they felt when they left, and the relief they felt when they came home.  They will remember laughter, and snow, and thoughts of Christmas in the air.  They will remember the hike to find the perfect tree, and the little bit of fun and sledding that went with it.  They will remember not just a moment – but a story, their story. 
Thanks Zitzer family for letting me be  a part.  I hope you enjoy your “preview” of many great images captured yesterday. 
Montana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family Photography