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Montana Senior Photography . . .

senior pictures


 . . . my husband has my senior picture in his wallet.  i have this cutsie hat on, and my hand is posed by my chin so that you can see the promise ring he gave me.

 he also has one of he and i at prom – i am in this skimpy purple thing with strappy silver shoes.  my hair was done all up, and i must admit – i did look super cute! 

senior pictures


. . . i have been looking over some senior pictures this morning, and i have been wondering why people choose to get senior pictures taken?  why did i choose to have my senior pictures done?  and as I was thinking about it, my two year old, Adah, came into my room asking me to help her put her”princess” dress on. 

 after i had helped her, she started to walk away, and then she turned back to me, flashed a great smile and asked, “cute?” 

 i said, “yes, sweet girl, you are pretty.” 

and just as i thought I was going to be able to get back to some work, she comes back with a camera .  .  . “picture?” 

Montana Family Photography and it dawned on me, that we do senior pictures for the same reason that we do any other kind of picture –

we want to remember

we have a story that we want to tell – that we want to remember –

senior pictures are an experience

they are done to tell a story

they are done to remember this moment – this year – this person


i remember the moment when i found my senior picture in stefans’ wallet

and out of my insecurities, i got angry that he had it in there

i don’t look like that anymore!  ( i will probably  never look like that again)

“why are you holding onto this?” i asked him.

“this is us” – he said – “i know we have changed, but this will always be a part of our story

 . . . and because you haven’t taken another picture of you since . . .”

i wonder if he would change out his pictures if i got a new one taken, or if he will always keep the pre-six children pictures hidden in his wallet . . .


Here is a sneak peak at three girls who wanted to remember  –  remember their senior year!  Enjoy!

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  1. I believe you did an excellent job of capturing the young ladies expressions and emotions. It shows.

  2. These senior portraits turned out great! Great locations and great colors!

  3. Really awesome pictures. The picture of the little kid is soo much beautiful and i can’t keep my eyes away from it. Thanks for posting.

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