One year ago . . . Happy Anniversary, Dylan and Kelsie!


In recent years, I feel like a majority of my blog posts (when I write them) reflect on time . . . and how fast it goes.  I think maybe because I have filled up every ounce of time I have had. I have been trying to figure out how to balance my time since I was a sophomore in high school!  Which was a VERY long time ago.  I remember distinctly that that was the year I had my hands in everything!    I just loved life (and still do!) and I didn’t want to miss one thing!!!!


As my kids get older, though, and I am finding myself drinking a glass of red wine every night to calm my mind, and a couple cups of coffee in the morning to wake up . . . I realize I need to try a little harder.  I need to try a little harder to balance my time between working and playing, between running and resting, between practicing and doing, and between preparing and living.


I am determined, DETERMINED, to share more!  This year, I have found great comfort in silence.  Usually, I enjoy noise – chaos.  There is a season for everything.  I have enjoyed some quiet moments while the kids were at school and extra long showers.  I feel like the moments have been catch up though, and I am looking forward to those same moments in upcoming months, beginning to become full again – with contemplation and reflection.  It is here that I find I am really enjoying the moments that have already passed.


Take Dylan and Kelsie for example.  There day was like most other wedding days – full of preparation, excitement, family, and friends.  Their wedding day was like other wedding days – with times of getting ready, times of laughter, times of eating and drinking, and times of dancing.  Their wedding day was like most other wedding days, and yet it was their own.

Dylan and Kelsie spent hours and hours preparing and mailing invitations.

Dylan and Kelsie spent time searching and shopping for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect suit, the perfect tie . . .

Dylan and Kelsie spent days dreaming about how the day of sharing THEIR love and THEIR story with their family and friends would look.

Their family helped.

Their friends helped.

Everyone they knew and loved pitched in to make their wedding day a day of reflection on who Dylan and Kelsie were as individuals, as a couple, and ultimately, a reflection of two journey’s really becoming one.


As I take some moments today, to reflect on Mr. and Mrs. Zitzer and their wedding one year ago, I am in great awe of the love between them and between their families and friends.  There are so so many pictures to share today – and really there are hundreds more.  Each image, though, is not just another wedding picture, but it is truly a unique reflection of Dylan and Kelsie.


I hope you enjoy taking a few moments today to not only look into this sweet couple and their wedding day, but to breathe a bit deeper and enjoy reflecting on some of your most precious moments in the past weeks.


  1. Jamie Winkler says:

    Oh I love reading your blog and seeing your absolutely amazing pictures! You have a beautiful way of telling stories through your pictures

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