. . . home is where your heart is . . .


I am sitting in the Louisville airport awaiting our flight to head home.


Seems so strange to think that our “home” is now in Arizona.


We spent the weekend, here in Kentucky, photographing the wedding of an amazing couple.  I met Tracy last July in Montana when we did their engagement session.  TJ and Tracy wanted to take their engagement pictures doing something they both loved doing – fly fishing.  I was so happy that they found me.  It was an amazing weekend.  All weekend long, though, I was answering the question, “where are you from?”  All weekend I responded, “We’re from Montana.”  I just couldn’t bring myself to say that our home was now in Arizona.

It just seems strange.


We have built our home in Montana.

Our friends are in Montana.

The road that our kids learned to ride their bikes on is in Montana.

Our swing built for two is in Montana.

The coffee shop that makes the best coffee . . . and cookies . . . and lemonade . . . and . . . well, it’s in Montana, too.

It feels like we are starting all over again.


Everyone keeps telling us – this is going to be a great adventure!

And I believe them.

There is some part of me, though, that keeps waiting for the adventure to be over . . . I just want to be home.

Change is exciting, yes.  It is also oh-so-scary, though, too.


As I sit here in this humid Kentucky airport . . . longing to be “home,” I am reminded of my amazing friend Emily.

I am reminded that she, too, has just started a new adventure.  She and Doug were married 6 weeks ago, and she has already honeymooned, packed her things, and moved into her new home . . . with her new husband . . . and I am so excited for her!

Today, I am sharing just some of the amazing images from their wedding with you, because they are helping to remind me of where “home” really is.

My home is with my husband and children.

My home is where they are.

My home is found in my friendships.

My home is my connection with my parents – with my grandparents, siblings, cousins . . .

Trying really hard not to sound like a Hallmark card, I do believe that home is indeed where my heart is.

As I look over these pictures of Doug and Emily and their perfect wedding day, I can see the excitement in their eyes.  The excitement of starting an adventure – the adventure of creating a home with one another.


Thank you Emily for your dear friendship.  Thank you for your excitement for life. Thank you, truly, for letting me be a part of something so wonderful between you and Doug – the beginning of this grand adventure of making a home together.

Congratulations, Doug and Emily!!!!

  1. christina says:

    So, so, so beautiful.

  2. Cher says:

    Neatest bouquet ever. What are those flowers?

  3. Emily says:

    Wonderful!! Thanks for featuring us. I’m reliving our perfect day all over again. 😀

    Aren’t the flowers amazing??? They are blue/purple orchids (they come that way, the way God put them together) and then teeny tiny yellow orchids sticking out. There were also sprayed hydrangeas in the front of the bouquets.

  4. Abigail says:

    These pics are lovely, as usual. I so understand how you feel about starting over with friends and everything else in a new place. There is nothing like being able to walk into your favorite coffee place and the people there know you and really are happy to see you. It’s been a while since I’ve had to start a new adventure; since college. I came to AZ after I graduated. I knew no one but my family. I had no job. I didn’t even have a plan. My long time boyfriend was still in NY and didn’t want a long distance relationship. It was really disheartening to have no one to cling to like the friends I had in my previous home. But, one day I walked into Starbucks in the hopes of finding an in the meantime job. Things all fell into place. I got the job. And my first day I met Steven. God led me on that new adventure, as He did yours. Things fell into place here for you too. Eleven years and 4 kids later, this Adventure maybe more than I expected. But, it’s home and I love it. I, for one, feel so blessed that God has led your family here. And you have me to cling to, in addition to your amazing family.

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