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Montana Wedding Photography

Sometimes I lay in bed and dream that the phone is ringing.  I dream that the phone is ringing, and that when I go to answer it, I hear a sweet woman’s voice on the other end. 

I hear her saying to me, “I am getting married.” 
“I am getting married, and I want to have the ceremony in Hawaii, in Mexico, or maybe in Italy.”
“Figi??”  I ask her.
“Oh yeah, she says to me.  That could work, too.  I just want to get somewhere wonderfully warm, with blue water and white sand, and a place that has beatiful flowers.”  (and then in my dream, this sweet woman continues,)  “and I want you to be our photographer.”

So, one day, a woman called me asking about my photography services.  She told me her daughter was getting married in January, and that she and her fiance were stationed in Hawaii. 

(Here it comes, I thought to myself, This is it . . . my tropical wedding . . . )

As we began to talk details of the wedding, I began to see that his wedding was in fact NOT going to be held in Hawaii, but in the town that this sweet bride grew up in.  A little, yet charmming community would be hosting this wedding, and instead of warm sun, there would probably be snow.  I did try to talk the bride out of it, but she remained strong to her hearts desire, and on January 23rd was married to her very best friend right here in Dillon, Montana.  I must admit, I was a tad disappointed that I was not flying out to Hawaii (with my assistant and husband of course), but as I began to talk with Stacey about her and her family, I recognized that indeed, no where would be better than her home. 

Well, in the middle of January, you just can’t be too sure about the weather in Montana, but on this day, it was beautiful.  We were able to capture some beautiful images during our time together, but what I loved the most about this wedding was the many  incredible moments that we were able to experience and now give back to the bride and groom, Stacey and Brandon, and their families.  Some of my favorite moments are  shown below.  I am especially fond of the dear love that his father has for his daughter.  Below you will see images of the two of them practicing their walk down the aisle.  It is alwayas so amazing to me the transition that happens as a bride walks in with one man but leaves with someone else ~ a beautiful beautiful moment in time.

Please be sure to see their whole wedding album HERE


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Please be sure to see their whole wedding album HERE


  1. Becca says:

    beautiful captures! 🙂 your colors are so pretty!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding. I love that cake!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Love these! Great job!

  4. Very nice job! They must be thrilled with these!

  5. Kim K. says:

    These are awesome!!! Love military weddings!

  6. Becca says:

    these are all so beautiful! looks like they had a lovely ceremony!

  7. Toki says:

    Wow, wow, wow!!! These are simply stunning. You certainly captured tons of wonderful moments of their wedding.

  8. what a beautiful wedding! you captured some beautiful images!

  9. melissa says:

    Beautiful couple. Great work!

  10. These are great – I love the emotion you’ve captured here! Your wedding photography is going to be something they cherish forever!

  11. Kelly H says:

    Nothing like a man in uniform. Beautiful pictures.

  12. Marinda says:

    These are fantastic!! You really captured their day so beautifully. Well done!

  13. Christi says:

    I LOVE the detail images here!!

  14. Beautiful images. I love the details of the uniform.

  15. fantastic captured moments in these wedding images… love the details too!

  16. It may not be Hawaii, but it’s still really lovely. Nice work!

  17. Lloyd Dobbie says:

    Great looking bride and groom. You’ve got a great eye for detail.
    Lloyd – Wedding photographer in London

  18. This set is a wonderful example of wedding photography. You captured the details, emotion and story of the day.

  19. I love a good military wedding! Great photos.

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