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more sweet baby toes . . .

I set up the baby crib yesterday (when I say I . . . I mean Stefan).

Four weeks and counting.

Some days it seems so far away – like today, when me shirts aren’t covering my belly and I realize how much I am waddling. 

Some days it seems a little scary – like today, when I am already so tired I can’t do the pile of laundry in front of me or when I see beautiful baby toes like these. 

Montana Baby Photography I love baby toes, but sometimes, sweet  . . . tiny . . . baby toes can be a bit scary. 

Montana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby PhotographyAll and all though, baby expressions . . . baby sounds . . . baby smells . . . four weeks and counting.

Montana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby Photography Montana Baby Photography