more sweet baby toes . . .

I set up the baby crib yesterday (when I say I . . . I mean Stefan).

Four weeks and counting.

Some days it seems so far away – like today, when me shirts aren’t covering my belly and I realize how much I am waddling. 

Some days it seems a little scary – like today, when I am already so tired I can’t do the pile of laundry in front of me or when I see beautiful baby toes like these. 

Montana Baby Photography I love baby toes, but sometimes, sweet  . . . tiny . . . baby toes can be a bit scary. 

Montana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby PhotographyAll and all though, baby expressions . . . baby sounds . . . baby smells . . . four weeks and counting.

Montana Baby PhotographyMontana Baby Photography Montana Baby Photography

  1. Ginamarabe says:

    Daria Mathieu Raines I am so happy for you,I can see the love all over your page ! So sorry I can’t be there but Aunt Mildred and cousin Naomi & Charlene will be fosmurre. Oh Ronnie I am taking you up on the dinner once you and Daniela get settled in. I can’t wait for you to see all the cousins, and for Daniela to meet them. May the Lord richly bless you as you step into the most beautiful relationship under His covering. I pray that you have a wonderful wedding celebration, and enjoy each other on your special day ! Love, cousin Daria

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