. . . someone new . . .

Slowly – but surely – Apple has stolen my heart.

I am in love with my new iPhone.

Silly . . . but it’s true – seems to have made my life so much easier – so much more in sync . . .

I love having my pictures available no matter what device I am on – no cords . . . LOVE IT.

I am also in love with Instagram!  LOVE IT!  I think that it is easier for me to share my life with pictures vs. words.  Facebook – and finding something amazing or funny to share – freaks me out, but the ability to share what or where I am with pictures . .  .wonderful!




Right now, I am driving from  Montana to Arizona for a bridal show!  We are so excited!  We’ve packed our truck and are headed out . . . only to get about two hours and find that we are in desperate need of reinforcements . . .or all of our wonderful “Stuff” will be lining the interstate.




So, while Stefan is working, I am so happy to have a minute to share some images of the newest member of the Hartman Family.  Rory . . . I believe . . . is very loved – especially by her siblings!



  1. Hillary Hansen says:


  2. Judy Siring says:

    Darling pictures! Love the beautiful blue eyes that Cohen and Landri have. Rory is precious and getting her picture taken obviously didn’t bother her. Great job-as usual!

  3. Joy Hurst says:

    What beautiful children!

  4. Sarah Hartman says:

    Thank you so much, Christina. The pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. You are so talented. Good luck at the bridal fair!!

  5. Kaci says:

    Love how beautiful and peaceful she is! Love the “fishing” ones!

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