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. . . picture of success . . .

my husband is an athlete.


i am not.


sometimes i wonder how in the world we ever got together . . . i don’t understand sports (except, of course, when they are fun!) . . .

. . . but the sweat . . . the hard work . . .the ache in my side . . .

seriously.  i used to believe i was allergic.  every time i got on a treadmill i would break out in a sweat – have a hard time breathing –

ugh.  i just haven’t ever really been a fan.


i am getting older, though, and the nachos and pizza aren’t just melting off like they used to, so i have had to start trying a bit harder about being more “athletic.”

so, in order to motivate myself to get to the gym more often, i signed up for a local “pace-yourself-triathalon” (meaning i had 20 days to complete the running, swimming, and biking.)


i am proud to say – “I finished.”

(i think i was the last one to complete it, but . . . at least I finished.)


i finished last friday, and my body was so tired.  in fact, i spent three of the last five miles, trying to decide if i wanted to cheat . . . no one would know.

i didn’t.

i finished.

it was a really really good feeling.


One year ago, my husband and I bought a building that we thought would make a fantastic photography studio.  It was a building that looked like it was really to be taken down.  When I walked through it though, I saw some amazing potential.  Not only for a studio, but for a gathering place.  The big windows and wide open space just called out “PARTY!” to me.  I remember saying, “Wouldn’t this place be so fun for a wedding?”


This past year has been like the past twenty days on the treadmill, on the bike, and in the pool – HARD!  I knew that someday it would be complete, but it felt like a very far away dream.  I am so excited to share some pictures from this past weekend – our first wedding!


One day last year, when we were working so hard to remodel this building, I met a man.  It was a day when I thought my world was going to fall apart – I was rather a mess, and I just didn’t know where to turn.  I met this man at the lumberyard.  He was so kind.  He helped talk me through some decisions, and even volunteered to come and help me when he got off work.  Later that day, he did in fact show up, and helped move a very large refrigerator up our very large staircase.  He really was so so kind.  I remembered him.  He remembered our studio.  When it was time for he and his beautiful bride to be married, he knew this is where he wanted to be.  I so excited to be able to offer our space for such a special event.


The family was so very gracious to let me take some pictures of their beautiful details from the day.  Enjoy.

It was an amazing afternoon.  The Studio on Bannack was filled with so many happy people in honor of Timothy and Stasha’s wedding.  Congratulations!!!!


So, if any of you “local folk” are looking for a great place to have a party . . . .THIS IS IT!



  1. Hillary Hansen says:

    Absolutely beautiful…just amazing.

  2. Jessica Farson says:

    Christina, you are TRULY an awesome photographer!!

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