. . . wild at heart . . .

some days are better than others.


this is my sweet boy Micah.

if you visit my blog from time to time, you have met him before . . .

he is so beautiful . . . and has such a tender heart.


for the most part, he has good manners, a great sense of humor, loves to learn, is kind . . . .

but i think there is this place – deep in his soul – that wants to break free and run . . .he is for sure . . . wild at heart.


i can’t even describe to you the anger – exhausted rage – that boils in me when he shows me  his “wild at heart” side!

take this last week for example.

he is done with school. (he is five . . . i don’t blame him.)

he says its boring. (i say so is doing his laundry.)

he says it makes him tired. (i say so does his whining.)

and on and on . . .

please don’t misunderstand . . . it is difficult for me to send my five year old to all day Kindergarten too – it just seems like so much.  i want him to run and play and explore and learn  . . . so we do have times for free days . . . but this sweet boy has used all of his up!


so i take him to school.

he is crying and mad.

we pull up to the school.

he is screaming and i am mad.

i have to open the door for him.

he is refusing.

it is all i can do to not leap through the car and pull him out by his HAIR . . . this is how mad i am.  (i know christian moms don’t act this way . . . but . . . well . . . i was livid.)

i get back in the car and practice my “never-fail” lamaze breathing all the way back home.

it is silent in our car now.

we pull in the driveway.

(i think my breathing alone has put the fear of God back into this child.)

i look at him and tell him he better hide from me the rest of the day . . . or i just might hurt him.  . .  . and then i added . . .. “just wait till your dad gets home.”


some days are better than others.


I think that during these last few weeks of school . . . this is how the high school seniors feel.


Stir crazy.

Wild at heart.

Ready to go and explore, learn, create . . . run free.


This year I had the pleasure of working with a young woman on two separate occasions.  Once earlier in the year and again just last weekend.

This was certainly enjoyable to see how in just a few months her look had changed.  I could see the spark in her eyes  . . . that spark that said she couldn’t wait to jump on her horse and ride . . . and maybe not ever come back!  🙂  This young woman was exceptional in many ways, and I was so honored to have met her and her family.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse at her senior pictures . . .



Blessings on your newest adventures . . . .