senior season (Senior Pictures)


Montana Senior Photography

Across the country, photographers and high school seniors (2011) are gearing up to take senior pictures.  Usually these juniors are getting their senior pictures in the spring and summer prior to their senior year, but in this small Montana town,  In this small Montana town, though, high school seniors ~ the ones graduating in 2010 are getting them taken now ~ in the SNOW!  This young man heard yearbook pictures were due Thursday, and so we set something up to try and hurry and get some great pictures in in time, and I am so glad we did.  He took me up to a spot that he thought the light and atmosphere would be perfect.  As we started heading up into the hills above his ranch, the snow just kept getting deeper and deeper, and I must admit, that I was getting more and more nervous ~ nervous we were going to get stuck, run out of gas, roll the truck, something that would cause great misery!  Fortunately, that did not happen, and he brought me to a place that indeed was breathtaking  . . . and yes, covered in very very deep snow. 

Montana Senior Photography

Here is a sneak peek at this graduating senior.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your “senior experience!” 

Montana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior PhotographyMontana Senior Photography

(p.s. sweet internet, i think i will lose it when this is my son . . . )