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Shine Dance


Right before we left for our Christmas break, we had the opportunity to take some holiday dance pictures for Shine Studio!  Dance pictures are different then most pictures.  They are not necessarily about capturing a personality or a moment, but about the costume!  Glitter and lace, sparkles, feathers, and lots of “stretchy stuff” ~ this is what the dance picture is about.   These are sometimes difficult pictures for me to take.  The girls all look so beautiful and I just want to zero in on their glistening eyes!  In honor of the “costume”, though, I pull back just far enough to get the bows on their shoes – usually.  I just couldn’t resist the temptation, though, when these two very best friends came up to get their picture taken.  They have been friends for a very very long time, and it just didn’t seem right to them to have their pictures alone ~ and when they are together, their eyes just light up, and so naturally, this picture is missing the bows on their shoes. 

Shine Dance Studio 

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