shots of tequila . . .

Montana Wedding Photography “I will hire you—on one condition . . . you may not DATE my daughter!”  These are the words Mr. Stordahl of Triple S Building Center spoke to T.J. when he thought he might give him a job at his lumberyard.  You and I both know that when a story starts out like that . . . it doesn’t quite end like that . . . Years later, I am sitting across from Leah and TJ listening to them share their love story.  I could have sat there for hours listening to him talk about how much they enjoyed hanging out with one another or to see her look at him and smile as she talked about the things she loved about this boy.  Theirs is a classic boy meets girl story, and it was so nice to be a part of their wedding day. 

When I started putting together this blog entry, there were so many pictures I wanted to show you to truly express how wonderful their day was – how kind their families were, how beautiful the ceremony was, all the unique touches that Leah put into her day, and of course the fabulous images of just TJ and Leah!  So, I decided you should see them all – as their day unfolded.  And as much as I enjoy watching this sweet slideshow over and over, I just want to talk all of you through it!! 

Have you ever watched a movie with someone whom had already seen the show before – someone who loved it so much that they wanted to tell you everything that was happening as it was happening?  Well, that is my dad!  Oh, how he loves movies, and I must admit, I love them as well!  He gets so excited when he is watching a good one with someone else – he just has to talk about what is happening, what is coming – explaining each detail, etc.  That is so how I feel about this wedding!  I want to tell you about how much this daddy loved his little girl, and how much she returned his love.  I want to tell you to look closely as she sees her dad for the first time after getting ready – right before they walk down the aisle.  I want to tell you to see how proud he is as he walks her down the aisle, and how giddy she is when she first sees TJ at the other end.  I want to tell you about their colors, their emotions, and their drama of the day.  I want to tell you about the tequila shots instead champagne toasts, about how they smashed the cake in each other’s face and then tenderly cleaned it off one another . . . so many moments . . . I hope you enjoy. 

~TJ and Leah Forrest ~