sister and brother . . . (Newborn Photography)


Introducing . . . Newborn Photography - Montana Twins

I have been so excited all week ~ thinking about this day when would have the great honor of  photographing this set of twins. 

I was so excited all through the shoot, because these babies were so good, and I knew the shots were going to be beautiful. 

I was so excited to get home and look through all of them! 

 There are so many great ones, but I have a living room full of my own sweet children whom are so excited to have mom home!  So, I just have a sneak peak for you as I am headed to play Disney Scene It.  Goodnight all, and enjoy this quick look at todays session.


Newborn Photography - Montana Twins

Newborn Photography - Montana TwinsDoesn’t this sweet family just make your heart melt !  ?  !