Small town, good friends (Montana Family Photography)

I think that there are many times I think to myself,  “is there something better out there?”  I live in what some would call a super-small town.   A town where there are two grocery stores, a handful of small restaurants and churches, more than a handful of bars, and two stop lights.  A town where there never seems to be enough to do, but where there is more than enough time to talk.  It is a town where everyone seems to know everyone, or at least they know your brother, or your cousin or your great-grandpa.  You see, in this town, after you meet someone, the first question that is usually asked is, “What’s your last name?”  People want to get a feel for just HOW LONG you have been here.  Our family has been here 11years, and somehow I don’t think we will ever be considered “local.”  What I am discovering, though, is that this place is my home.  When I go back to the place where I was raised, it feels like a dream ~ a vacation of sorts, and after a few days, I long to be home again.  This is my home.  And the longer I am here, the more I desire, that someday, I will be a local ~ and here’s why.  It’s the people.  As hard as it is sometimes to have people know your “stuff,”  it is, at the same time, a good feeling.  It means that they can encourage you in what you are  doing; they can laugh with you when you do something stupid, and they can cry with you when you fail.  The people in this town, have so encouarged my photography journey.  Many stepped out and took a chance with “the new girl.”  Some offered their children as little models while I continued to sharpen my skills. Then there were some brave ones whom trusted me with their weddings.  This is my home.  This is where it began. 

I would like you to meet this family.  Cindy, the owner of a local dance studio, has been so encouraging and gracious with her facilities.  She has allowed me to share her space with her, and has been such a joy to be around.  Last week, she brought her family in to be photographed, and they were all just like  her ~ all smiles, so kind, and a whole lot of fun to be with.  Sometimes, I get super nervous about the “man” in the picture.  He is usually the one who comes in dragging his feet, missing the end of the football game, and wearing the shirt that his wife laid out for him.  This was not the case with Zane, though.  He was so loving towards his family, willing to be silly with them, and even shared about when he first “cornered” Cindy . . . back in the day. 


Meet this sweet family ~ Zane, Cindy, Shayla, and Kyra.Montana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family PhotographyMontana Family Photography