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. . . soak it in . . .

Moms out there, remember the sleep-deprived zombie state?

The dozens of teeny diapers?

Feeding, holding, rocking your needy newborn.

Soon, he’s sleeping on schedule. The sleep deprivation lasts only a moment.

Soon enough, he is going in the big boy potty. Diapers last only a moment.

Soon enough, the rocking is replaced by walking and the crying by talking.

The trials last only a moment.

Before you know it, he’s bounding out the door with his brothers to throw around the football, to run through the sprinkler, to catch the bus.


My good friend who was waiting for her boy? Now their family is enjoying the sleepless nights, the newborn yawns, and rocking him close. Proud brothers are looking on with awe.

So soak it in, every precious sigh…

Breathe in the baby scent.

Kiss him on his chubby cheeks.

Marvel at how he fits in the crick of your forearm.

Wonder what he’s dreaming.

Guess who he’ll take after in skills, personality, looks.

Stop time and soak it in. Each child is a precious, precious gift.







This lasts only a moment.