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something new . . .

I’m back.

I think.

I want to be back.

I think.

I can’t even tell you how many calls and emails I have received over the past few months.

Calls of deep concern.

Calls wondering if I had died.

I haven’t.

I haven’t died, but there have been so many changes in my life these past few months that my head is SPINNING!!!!!

I don’t even know where to begin to share with all of you faithful blog checker-outers!

I guess I will just begin with change.

I remember there was a time in my early married life, when my sweet husband would come home to a newly rearranged home most every other week.  . .  . now I am lucky to be able to walk across the room without tripping over something.  I remember there was a time when every couple months I was showing off a new hair style, new hair cut, new hair color . . . now people around town are lucky to see me with it brushed.  In fact I came to work today, and I thought people were going to spill their coffee because i had put earrings on.  I remember there was a time when I read cookbook after cookbook to plan out the perfect monthly calendar of meals for my family, and now . . . no exaggeration . . . I have turned into my mother in law, just handing out cold hot dogs to every little mouth that says they’re hungry.  Life for the past months have been extremely crazy and full of many changes.  . .  wonderful, beautiful, exciting, crazy changes.

Here we go!

First of all, we have been working with some great web designers out of Texas and Arizona, Spilled Milk Designs, to create a new and exciting website to share our wedding portfolio.  It has been quite the amazing process of putting creative minds together to make something customized just for me.  They are an amazing team of people who are super excited to work closely with photographers to create new and exciting ways to show off the images that they have taken.  I am so thankful to Nick and Rachael for all their incredible work.  You can see our new and exciting wedding website at

Exciting change #2 ~

I have taken the plunge.

I have leapt in with both feet.

Actually, I have fallen head over heels.

Fallen head over heals . . .  I am a girl in love . . . with an operating system . . . Mac.

Oh yes, my sweet PC was good . . . for a time . . . but Mac has come in and swept me off my feet, and I am amazed at his design, his simplicity, his beauty.

Me and Mac . . . Mac and Me . . .

Exciting change #3 ~

We have added two new wonderful new people to our photography team.

Long ago I discovered that I love the creative process.

Over the years, I feel a bit lost in this great big creative world, though.

I have discovered something of myself.  I need people.  I need brainstorming.  I need process.  I need collective thoughts and ideas flowing around me.  I need people.

I think that I have found two amazingly talented young woman to work alongside of me.

Meet Emily and Kari.

Emily has been writing stories since she was four years old; as soon as she held a crayon, she knew she would be dedicating her life to words.  We are super excited to have Emily writing for our blog!  She is so creative and witty with her words!  She has so many great thoughts to express and share, and we are so excited to hear her thoughts and ideas about weddings, kiddos, and the randomness of life!   Emily attends Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington; she is studying Journalism and Sociology. She hopes to one day work for National Geographic as a travel photojournalist and to see all the mysteries the world holds. Her passions in life include photography, literature, and all creative arts, but especially theater. In her spare time, she loves making memories with her friends and playing with her German Shepherd.

Kari, a fellow photographer, is just at the beginning of her career as a portrait photographer.  Kari has always had a passion for taking photographs.  Both her and her husband grew up with a ranching background, and they still continue to live and work on a ranch, so western/cowboy pictures have been a large part of her portfolio.  Bashful and Quiet, Kari working hard to enjoy the great opportunities that life has to offer.   She is excited for the upcoming opportunities to meet new people and capture little pieces of their life through pictures, and we are excited to watch her learn and grow into a great photographer that may one day be taking your family’s pictures.

and as many of you know, our most exciting and ever time-consuming change #4 is our new Studio.

This has indeed been an amazing blessing and life-altering process.

We have worked like never before to create beauty out of almost nothing.

Only a picture in my head of what could be . . .

a lot of elbow grease . . .

AMAZING friends . . . (some of whom make great coffee and know the best kinds of beer)

super-man for a father . . .

super-man for a husband . . .

(only I am so lucky to have two men who super-human strength, and God-given grace, patience, endurance, love, kindness, and generosity)

kids with the patience of job . . . .

an encouraging mother . . .

and a big blue building . . .

The rest of images are of our new space.  Our new beautiful space. . . .

enjoy the pictures of what it once was . . .and what it is now . . . a dream in process of becoming a reality.

What is so great about this building, is the new friendship that I have formed with two wonderful women ~ the owners of Wildwood Floral, Anna Belle and Lindsay Gaasch.  These beautiful woman saw something wonderful in this building as well, and have worked alongside of us to create a beautiful space for their floral and gift shoppe.  They even turned the old bank vault into their flower cooler.

The light in this building is incredible, which is one reason it makes it so wonderful for both Wildwood Floral and Patchwork Photography.  Please stop in and say hello.  We are located at  35 E Bannack  Street!

Thank you all for being so patient as I have learned to adjust to all the changes.  It is only because of you, my oh-so-faithful readers and clients that have helped make this dream come true.

I am now back to posting.

(I think.)

I am now back to sharing what I see . . .through the lens of my camera . . .YOU!