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. . . something to remember . . .

I was hustling around putting dinner in the oven, feeling so badly that we were 20 minutes late already and it still had 40 minutes to bake. Scrambling to wash the dinner prep dishes, Sarah Beth was pulling on my pants.  Micah was jumping on the couches and Adah was dancing to the very loud music that playing in the background.  (It wouldn’t have been a problem, but every time I turned around I was running into her spinning arms or tripping over her foo-foo skirt!)  My mind racing with the zillion things that needed done next, when Stefan came up behind me and kissed me on the shoulder, smiling.
I was instantly shaken from the crazy go-go-go world in my head into this sacred and ordinary moment with my wonderful man.
I was reminded of why I love him…his tender care causes me to slow down.
I was reminded why I chose him…he demonstrates his love even when I’m behind on the task.
I was reminded why we got married…
we believe we are better together than we would be apart, with our lives merged into one life, a together purpose.
This fall I met a couple.  A couple whom was better together than apart.


This wonderful couple had – what any bride would consider a disaster, on their wedding day.  From what I understood, their photographer DID NOT SHOW UP.  Talk about catastrophe!

They didn’t have any “great” pictures from their wedding day.

When I met her parents, I heard about their situation, and within moments, we were talking about how fabulous it would be to turn that sour situation into a reason to remember…




remember why they said “I do”,

to remember their beautiful newlywed love,



and beautiful partnership.



Back to the joyous, belly-laugh roots.



Back to twitterpated smiles and flirtatious glances.


Back to touching each other at every possible opportunity.


Bubbling about the other person to anyone who will listen again and again because they are just so wonderful.




They found a newness in their growing older love, new excitement and new wonder as they looked again into old familiar eyes.

A reason to remember.

Going back to their roots.

Coming home into each others arms again.


Thank you, Scott and Jamie, for taking the time to remember your wedding day . . . and to help remind me of mine!