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spectrum . . .

spectrum:  a broad range of related objects or values or qualities or ideas or activities


once upon a time, my path crossed with two amazing individuals

for a moment our lives walked the same path and we became friends

theirs is a friendship i cherish because  of their insight, their humor, their creativity, and their love

and even though our journey is no longer as intertwined as it once was, our friendship will never cease to impact my life on many levels

one of which is my desire to think outside the box

these two individuals challenge my thinking – my desire to create something new and different – something unique

they cause me to think at an angle instead in a straight line

they cause me to see through the light – not at it

they cause me to see details, textures, colors, expressions

they cause me to see  . . . the art in life

meet ryan and nicole

I Bought a Fieldthese two individuals are talented in many ways


they create

one side of the spectrum:  ryan creates with his music – experimental folk filled with field and nature recordings

the other side of the spectrum:  nicole creates with her music – pop sensible, acoustic


Several weeks ago, Ryan called and said they would be in town for the weekend.  He also said that he and Nicole were working on a new project – a melding of their music.  Little Czar and the Psalmist (Ryan) and I bought a Field (Nicole) would be collaborating to bring two very different sides of music – together.   He was interested in having some photographs taken for this new project.  YEAH FOR ME!  I said, “of course I’m in!”  As I said earlier, these two help to bring out a different side of my creativity – and that is so fun for me!  When they arrived, we grabbed some things laying around the house, and headed out to the fields and alleys to try and capture “their look.”  I seriously cannot tell you how much fun I had.  I love to take pictures – to try and find and create and capture, but this situation was unique in that it was not just about capturing my client, but also about capturing a part of me. 

They allowed me to have a voice in and through the images.

Oh, and did I tell you, the light that evening was to die for! 

We took so many pictures in just a short amount of time, but these are some of MY absolute favorites.  I am so excited to see which ones they will choose as theirs, but today, I share with you mine.little czar and the psalmisti bought a fieldlittle czar and the psalmistlittle czar and the psalmisti bought a fieldi bought a fieldlittle czar and the psalmistlittle czar and the psalmisti bought a fieldi bought a fieldlittle czar and the psalmisti bought a fieldi bought a fieldi bought a fieldLittle Czar and the PsalmistLittle Czar and the PsalmistOne more thing.  That day, I also had the great pleasure of being accompanied by another dear friend, Emily.  She shared her thoughts and smiles, helped hold the reflector, and in exchange, I gave her a camera. 

She too, is connected to my heart through many ways, but one of which is a creative exchange of ideas.  She views life as art as well, and I love to see through her imaginative, sensitive, and life-bringing eyes.  This image of Nicole was captured by her.    The color and clarity are one thing, but Nicole’s expression and the look in her eyes makes this image probably one of my most favorites.  Thanks, Em.I bought a Fieldi bought a fieldlittle czar and the psalmistAgain, if you are interested in hearing their music, you can listen here:


little czar and the psalmist


i bought a field


I will be sure to let you all know about their new project!  Thanks Ryan and Nicole.  What a joy!