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It has been raining a lot here lately. I know that it rains a lot in other places – I mean, more than it is raining here, but I don’t live in other places. I live here, and somewhere inside of me there is a seasonal clock that tells me summer is right around the […]

Calm in the Storm . . .

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  This past halloween, my oldest son wanted to have a party at our home, and because I want to be the coolest mom with the most “happenin’ ” house in town, I said, “Sure!   That sounds great!”  So, instead of having something so set in stone, we decided to have an open house, where […]

boys and their trucks (High School Senior Pictures)

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  Okay, if you must know, in almost every instance, when I am done photographing a subject, I rush home and download all of the images.  I must say, there are times wehn I am not able to look at them immediately, but for the most part, I am like a child in a candy […]

Winter Wonder {Montana Senior Photography}

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inspiration, for me, usually comes from people ~ from interaction lately, though, I am being wooed by colors, by shapes, by the deep shadows ~ deep down, my soul is being restored by the way that the light falls“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. ”   ~ Aaron RoseCelebrating 10 years of marriage.Happy Anniversary Craig and […]

Stories of Fall (Continued)