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sometimes i like to pretend i can do it all that it isn’t ever too much i think i tell myself that lie . . . and believe it until it is too much until i can’t do it all don’t get me wrong, i am superwoman . . . i can wash dishes and […]

. . . changing seasons . . .

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~ I have to admit – I have been a bit selfish with this wedding – keeping it all for myself . . .   ~ If you know me, you know I am all about a good party! Well, we have been traveling so much with weddings, that when we finally get a “local” […]

. . . worth the wait . . .

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traveling.  traveling.  traveling. ~ this is my summer! ~ and let me tell you, I AM LOVING IT!!! ~ california.  oregon.  all over montana. i love it! ~ in case you didn’t know already, i love wedding season. i mean i love it! ~ while on my last trip, someone asked me what it was […]

. . . love in Montana . . .

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07.08.2011  Emily Beck     ~     ~ Father of the Bride. Have you seen it? If not, get off your butt and go to the store and get it, because it is one of the greatest wedding movies ever made. I was adverse to watching it for a while, mainly because the resemblance […]

“. . . who gives this bride?”

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I have been thinking lately that I miss laughing.  There are times when I seem to let life get the best of me – when I let work, people, my own expectations, etc., stress me out.  I stop laughing.  This is probably why I love shooting weddings sooo much! Every Saturday, I get to forget.  […]

i love to laugh

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Three weddings . . . three weekends – just a taste of the fabulous brides and grooms we have had the COMPLETE HONOR of being with on their wedding day!  Stay tuned – these weddings are incredible – a GREAT way to start out the summer weddings of 2010! Congratulations to Mallory and Alan, Kelsey […]

Three Weddings . . .

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Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fisk, on your anniversary ~ 2 years!!  Amazing.  I just wanted to remind you of what a beautiful wedding day you had.  Thank you for letting me be a part.   To view Steve and Kelly’s wedding album, click here.    

Happy Anniversary!