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hard to believe a year has gone by already! This sweet baby, Jaxon, just turned one!!! A one-year old birthday party just isn’t the same without a proper cake smash, though! Happy Birthday Jaxon!  Hope you enjoyed your cake!     Here at Patchwork Photography, we LOVE birthdays!  and we expecially love ONE-YEAR CAKE SMASHES!!! […]

. . . one year cake smash . . .

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What a celebration! One year is a big deal!  A big, big deal! I remember, 13 years ago, when I had my first child.  I was a young mom, but I was determined to do right by him – cloth diapers, fruits and vegetables first, always in my arms, NO SUGAR until he was one.  […]

Happy Birthday!!!

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I am so excited!  SO EXCITED!  So, last fall, I took the plunge and invested in a new camera, and oh how I love it.  I made the choice based on the fact that this camera (Canon 5D Mark II) could create videos!  Well, it has taken me quite a while to learn and become used to […]

moving moments . . .

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  I have a good friend ~ a good friend whom is a great mother. Sometimes even the best of mothers have really long days with their kids…especially when those sweet children are so small.  This morning, I just wanted to remind my dear friend (although, I am sure she didn’t need any reminding), just […]

a friendly reminder . . .

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We all love it – dressing up . . . makeup, jewelry, new clothes, SHOES!!!!!  Girls, young and old, love to feel beautiful, and I am definitely not the exception.   Any excuse to dress up – and not just dress up, but like DRESS UP, I am there!  Actually, I think it goes deeper than […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun . . .

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again~ yeah for birthdays!  

“poetry in a bottle . . .”

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yeah for birthdays!!!