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~ these past few days have been days of reflection for me.  I have said it so many times here, that I can’t believe how fast time seems to go!  It seems like just yesterday that my dear friends were asking me to take pictures at their wedding – my first wedding. at the same […]

. . . an irish wedding blessing . . .

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07.08.2011  Emily Beck     ~     ~ Father of the Bride. Have you seen it? If not, get off your butt and go to the store and get it, because it is one of the greatest wedding movies ever made. I was adverse to watching it for a while, mainly because the resemblance […]

“. . . who gives this bride?”

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Like in a fairytale, many women dream about that moment when their groom sees them walking down the aisle for the first time.  We as women long to be beautiful ~ to be sought after by the one we love ~ to be cherished and adored!  We want to them to stand in awe of […]

first look . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

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bliss:     1.   perfect happiness; serene joy          

bliss . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

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Sometimes you can tell a group or a person by their picture – at least that should be the plan.  Well, there are some families that have pictures of their children covering their walls, some have pictures of their dog or cat, and even some might have many pictures of different landscapes.  At a wedding, there […]

the Party . . . {Colorado Wedding}

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Here is where it all begins~the wedding dress. . .   Two weeks ago, at this moment, I had the complete joy of watching another bride step into her wedding gown.       And so, tonight, in honor of two weeks gone by – two weeks of marriage – we are going to remember those moments.  We […]

Chris and Jamie {Colorado Wedding}