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~ Zebra stripes and turquoise. Wedding details. Family ranch. Beautiful hideaway for ceremony. Plans. Dreams. Did I say ZEBRA STRIPES?   ~ Oh!  How excited I am to introduce you to Ben and Cassie! Oh! How excited I am for their wedding next summer! Kind.  Caring.  Helpful.  Comfortable. It was so lovely to be with […]

. . . she said “yes” . . .

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~   ERIC AND CARLIE :  our website . . . make sure to come check it out! ~ ampersand. & ampersand. ~ I don’t even think I knew the that this symbol, &, had a name. ~ ~ ampersand. From now until forever, though, whenever I see this word . . . whenever I […]

. . . ampersand . . .and . . .together . . . us. . .

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~ every time i send an e-mail, i wonder why in the world i chose such a long name to represent our photography business . . . every time i am talking with someone, and they ask, “patrick photography?” and i have to answer “no.  PATCHWORK – like a quilt,” i wonder, what was i […]

. . . why patchwork photography? . . .

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  If you will remember, Jeremy and Kaya are married today, because once – a long time a go – the Broncos lost to the Raiders.  You can read their engagement story here.  So fun. ~   As a photographer, I get many opportunities to be with the bride and the groom before the actual […]

.. . .all because the Broncos lost . . .

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traveling.  traveling.  traveling. ~ this is my summer! ~ and let me tell you, I AM LOVING IT!!! ~ california.  oregon.  all over montana. i love it! ~ in case you didn’t know already, i love wedding season. i mean i love it! ~ while on my last trip, someone asked me what it was […]

. . . love in Montana . . .

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WARNING!!!!! ~ PICTURE HEAVY!!!! ~ That’s what happens when engagement pictures meet patchwork photography. When your finished seeing this sneak peek, you can see all of their engagement pictures by clicking HERE! ~ I think they are my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love weddings . . . A LOT!  If I had to […]

engagement pictures and patchwork photography

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Several months ago, I sat acroos the table from a young woman whose eyes SPARKLED!  Beautiful blue, they danced with the light when she talked. I guess maybe it was the subject matter. Her beautiful blue eyes danced as she talked about Jeremy – her very best friend, her love, her finace.  She giggled and […]

Broncos and the Raiders . . .

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 we have known eachother since high school. . . can we wear our letterman’s jackets? we are best friends . . . and have been for a very long time . . . so, there’s this junk yard . .  . think we can take our pictures there? so, we have this boat . . . […]

my best friend . . . forever.