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almost two years ago, i made a friend she is a woman who gets super excited about most anything – she seems to be happy all the time, up for any kind of adventure, and is someone whom sincerely cares about you in the beginning, she was a bride – planning a wedding on OUR […]

beginning of a good friendship . . .

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We live in such a big world -billions of people covering billions and billions of acres . . . . seven continents full of people.  So, so many people, and yet how many times do we say to ourselves, “its a small world, isn’t it?!” Well, I seem to say it alot! Several weeks ago, […]

laughing and kissing . . . kissing and laughing . . .

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This was my last wedding of the season. This was my last wedding of the season, and because I was eight months pregnant, it was a bitter-sweet moment for me.  For selfish resasons, wedding photography allows me to have a creative outlet in life.  It allows me opportunities to be with other adults, be creative, […]

A Montana Wedding . . .

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I have been thinking lately that I miss laughing.  There are times when I seem to let life get the best of me – when I let work, people, my own expectations, etc., stress me out.  I stop laughing.  This is probably why I love shooting weddings sooo much! Every Saturday, I get to forget.  […]

i love to laugh

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  What a full weekend I have had!!!  Have I told you how much I love my job?  There are so many different moments in life, and I am so honored to be able to capture them – stop them – help hold them!   On Saturday, I was asked to take some engagment pictures of a […]

Laughter and Beauty . . .

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same town – different schools. same family vacation site – different sides of the lake. karaoke – fairytales salty – sweet fate?  luck?  God? what would it take for the stars to align just perfectly for these two to finally find one another, and decide to spend the rest of their lives together? after spending […]

Salty and Sweet . . . (Montana Wedding Photography)

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  “I want a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday love . . . Winter, Spring, Summer Fall, … Do it all Kind of love… Twenty-four, Three hundred Sixty Five, Make you cry love… I wanna rich, poor, sickness, health, ’till death do us part.. I want that kind of love”   The kind that’ll […]

a saturday kind of love