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~ these past few days have been days of reflection for me.  I have said it so many times here, that I can’t believe how fast time seems to go!  It seems like just yesterday that my dear friends were asking me to take pictures at their wedding – my first wedding. at the same […]

. . . an irish wedding blessing . . .

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    A look can say a thousand things. You know it’s true. I know that you have given and received them. I’ve given many a look in my day and I expect the recipient to interpret my meaning when they get “the look.”   There’s the look that says, “Do not mess with me […]

All I Want Is You

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Congratulations to Joe and Holly Glennon!!!! ~ I loved you since the very first day When I caught you looking my way I smiled and just knew it     And up until you came along No one ever heard my song Now it’s climbing with a bullet It’s nice to have someone so honestly […]

. . . without you . . .

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~ I have to admit – I have been a bit selfish with this wedding – keeping it all for myself . . .   ~ If you know me, you know I am all about a good party! Well, we have been traveling so much with weddings, that when we finally get a “local” […]

. . . worth the wait . . .

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07.08.2011  Emily Beck     ~     ~ Father of the Bride. Have you seen it? If not, get off your butt and go to the store and get it, because it is one of the greatest wedding movies ever made. I was adverse to watching it for a while, mainly because the resemblance […]

“. . . who gives this bride?”

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This blog post is long overdue.  Long, long overdue. This wedding is one that I have been dying to show all of you. This wedding is one that I have been waiting and waiting to share . . . Once upon a time, a young woman came to visit me about sharing her wedding day […]

little church on the hill . . .

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“What do you think will be unique about your wedding?” I ask all my couples this question. “What do you think will be unique about YOUR wedding?” Cole (groom):   “There will be a lot of people talking about us only knowing eachother for six months!  Some will think we are crazy, while others . . […]

Cinderella, goldfish, and a John Deere tractor

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“I will hire you—on one condition . . . you may not DATE my daughter!”  These are the words Mr. Stordahl of Triple S Building Center spoke to T.J. when he thought he might give him a job at his lumberyard.  You and I both know that when a story starts out like that . […]

shots of tequila . . .