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Congratulations to Joe and Holly Glennon!!!! ~ I loved you since the very first day When I caught you looking my way I smiled and just knew it     And up until you came along No one ever heard my song Now it’s climbing with a bullet It’s nice to have someone so honestly […]

. . . without you . . .

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  If you will remember, Jeremy and Kaya are married today, because once – a long time a go – the Broncos lost to the Raiders.  You can read their engagement story here.  So fun. ~   As a photographer, I get many opportunities to be with the bride and the groom before the actual […]

.. . .all because the Broncos lost . . .

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  We’ve Eloped!  This is what the front of their announcement read!  We’ve eloped. For Alan and Mallory, this was the best way they could say I love you, and I will love you FOREVER! Back in December, Alan and Mallory pledged their lives to one another in marriage.  They knew that they didn’t want […]

We’ve Eloped!

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We all love it – dressing up . . . makeup, jewelry, new clothes, SHOES!!!!!  Girls, young and old, love to feel beautiful, and I am definitely not the exception.   Any excuse to dress up – and not just dress up, but like DRESS UP, I am there!  Actually, I think it goes deeper than […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun . . .

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Sometimes you can tell a group or a person by their picture – at least that should be the plan.  Well, there are some families that have pictures of their children covering their walls, some have pictures of their dog or cat, and even some might have many pictures of different landscapes.  At a wedding, there […]

the Party . . . {Colorado Wedding}

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  Right before we left for our Christmas break, we had the opportunity to take some holiday dance pictures for Shine Studio!  Dance pictures are different then most pictures.  They are not necessarily about capturing a personality or a moment, but about the costume!  Glitter and lace, sparkles, feathers, and lots of “stretchy stuff” ~ […]

Shine Dance

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again~ yeah for birthdays!  

“poetry in a bottle . . .”