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~ life is full of moments. ~ last week the weather was beautiful. the light was beautiful. i grabbed a couple of my kiddos and we went to “sno shack” – we picked out eight (one for each of us . . . ) flavors we had never tried. . . flavors like poisonberry and […]

. . . coming and going . . .

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~ I think God made us all different – incredibly unique.  It amazes me actually.  Almost 7 billion people in the world, and we are all so different. ~ I think I am a planter.  I don’t like to weed.  I don’t like to water.  I don’t like the tending to, the day to day […]

. . . wanting to become good . . .

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We all love it – dressing up . . . makeup, jewelry, new clothes, SHOES!!!!!  Girls, young and old, love to feel beautiful, and I am definitely not the exception.   Any excuse to dress up – and not just dress up, but like DRESS UP, I am there!  Actually, I think it goes deeper than […]

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