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Several months ago, I sat acroos the table from a young woman whose eyes SPARKLED!  Beautiful blue, they danced with the light when she talked. I guess maybe it was the subject matter. Her beautiful blue eyes danced as she talked about Jeremy – her very best friend, her love, her finace.  She giggled and […]

Broncos and the Raiders . . .

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almost two years ago, i made a friend she is a woman who gets super excited about most anything – she seems to be happy all the time, up for any kind of adventure, and is someone whom sincerely cares about you in the beginning, she was a bride – planning a wedding on OUR […]

beginning of a good friendship . . .

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This blog post is long overdue.  Long, long overdue. This wedding is one that I have been dying to show all of you. This wedding is one that I have been waiting and waiting to share . . . Once upon a time, a young woman came to visit me about sharing her wedding day […]

little church on the hill . . .

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I really love my  job!  I do!  I love meeting new people. I love watching the way people interact with one another. I love the way eyes catch light. I love smiles. I love getting caught up in a moment. Meet this beautiful family.  Whenever I have the opportunity to take pictures for a family, […]

family adventures . . . (and perfect light!)

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Like in a fairytale, many women dream about that moment when their groom sees them walking down the aisle for the first time.  We as women long to be beautiful ~ to be sought after by the one we love ~ to be cherished and adored!  We want to them to stand in awe of […]

first look . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

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too much . . . this is about how I felt all weekend long!  I have been so consistent sharing and updating, and last week along came a technical error that I didn’t know how to fix.  I was having such trouble uploading images into outerspace, and I was so frustrated!  Today is a new […]

just one of those days